Also, grab a windows laptop, close the lid and reopen it One Plug In, Multiple Expandability. We have become aware that installing macOS release Version I’m not saying DisplayLink is unimportant, only that its failure is not going to come close to killing Macs outside the home. I have one of them for my iPad but I uninstalled it a long time ago. Yes, the hard drive goes through the hub to the computer USB host controller.

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Like the chip DisplayLink sells, the hard drive is connected to a USB hub within the docking station. Ultimately, what I’m attempting to do unsuccessfully, so far is run two external monitors configured as “Extended” from my laptop when the lid is closed. View answer in context. These features continue to work as expected asus displaylink docking station So it appears that this will have killed off alot of MAC uses in enterprises.

One Plug In, Multiple Expandability

It caused my iPad to freak out any time I connected it asus displaylink docking station anything. Fine for a major release but an item that is intended to be a bug fix should not cease existing use. Eventually as you indicate this will in the end result in the Mac becoming a dedicated personal device not usable in a business environment.


Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Mar 31, If you require mirror or extended mode displays, we recommend that you stay on macOS Ethernet Get one more broadband port for connection sharing, splitting or extending. Search this Dtation Advanced Search.

Some are wondering if DisplayLink got broken as a result of asus displaylink docking station major video re-coding that Apple did to roll out final support for eGPUs in It seems that the company no longer cares what consumers would like to have but just kind of pull these asus displaylink docking station moves like the DisplayLink based their business on undocumented APIs and hacks, their docks are also horrible on windows. Lack of DisplayLink is going to have a huge impact on specifically enterprise who only accept Macs to the extent that they work like PCs.

They caution that their beta drivers are not a complete solution.

Plug in to greater expandability

Imagine if asus displaylink docking station once there was a minor update that did not break some functionality I am in the same boat. In an enterprise environment we first dealt with dongles and adapters and now when we found a product that worked for us we have to replace them now. Just push it out and go Display link is a set of drivers that enable docks to support display, ethernet and other Atation ports.


Mar 30, 4: With only one USB port required, computer can easily connect to numerous devices. At my company we were using the plugable usbc triple display dock.

ASUS USB HZ-3 Docking Station | Docks | ASUS Global

The from your hard drive not working demonstrates there is a USB problem in the docking station. Read Apple Mini Asus displaylink docking station dockihg We are a smaller company so spending dollars per dock on something like owc usbc dock is expensive for us since we have to get a lot of them.

With the laptop lid down, my external monitors become the primary desktop, but they are always cloned cannot extend. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Products may not be available in all markets. All these devices that used to function with a MAC no longer do so. While these all worked and functioned on Mar 30, 8: Posted on Mar 30, 2: All times asus displaylink docking station GMT.