It shows the printer features and specifications. If the printer fails to adequately pass a checklist item, follow the corresponding troubleshooting suggestions. Choosing Paper and Other Materials Plug in the power cord, and turn the printer on. In the Optional Tray2 Pull the optional Tray2 out of the printer.

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If the printer is used frequently, select OFF which keeps the printer ready to print with the minimum warm-up time. Click OK or Yes until you complete creating. For the best result, set this to the paper type you loaded in the tray of the printer. Installing samsung printer ml 2250 Network Card: Selecting a Location Select a level, stable place with adequate space for air circulation.

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Regulatory Compliance Statements Wireless devices that may be in your system are only qualified for use in the Samsung printer ml 2250 Union or associated areas if a CE mark with a Notified Body Registration Number and the Alert Symbol is on samsung printer ml 2250 system label. Page Hold the PS DIMM so that the notch and the connection point are aligned with the slot as shown, and insert it all the way into the lower slot. Set this Image Mode option to improve the print quality of your text and image, and make the characters and images appear smoother.


Plug the other end into a properly grounded AC outlet and turn on the printer using the power switch.

Plug in the power cord, and turn the printer on. From the Start samsung printer ml 2250, select Programs. Remove the two screws on the back of sameung printer. Enter a name for the item in the Favorites input box. Troubleshooting Checklist Troubleshooting Checklist If the printer is not working properly, perform the series of checks in the list below.

Using the Status Monitor If an error prlnter while printing, the Status Monitor window appears, showing the error. Introduction Special Features Your samsung printer ml 2250 printer is equipped with special features that improve the print quality, giving you a competitive edge. Remember that paper is hygroscopic; it absorbs and loses moisture rapidly. The default value is Medium.

You are now accessed to the Samsung web site. Printing can now be resumed. You can discard the old bracket.

When the reinstallation is done, click Finish. When reinstallation is done, click Finish.

Samsung ML-2250 Series User Manual

Troubleshooting Checklist If the printer is not working properly, perform the series of checks in the list below. Click Properties to open the properties window.

Gently shake the cartridge from side samsung printer ml 2250 side to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. In the Edit Overlays window, click Create Overlay. From the software application When you change the print settings from your software application, access the printer properties. Pay attention to the paper limit mark on the left aamsung wall of samsung printer ml 2250 tray.


Page Problem Solution Vertical lines If black vertical streaks appear on the page: Make sure that all four corners are flat in the tray.

Then you will see a component list so that you can remove any of samsung printer ml 2250 individually. Click the Extras tab, and select ptinter desired watermark in the Watermark drop-down list. The following samsung printer ml 2250 may allow you to finish the current print job before replacing the toner cartridge. Selecting The Output Location Selecting the Output Location The printer has two output locations; the rear output tray and the top output tray.

Problem Solution Background Background scatter results from bits prniter toner distributed on the printed page.