I know, macs are much easier. My projects typically have synthesizer instances usually Massive and FM8 , plenty of loops and samples, and I use FL Studio for my DAW My previous research indicates that the works fine for multi track recording within FL, please correct me if I am wrong To be honest, I’m surprised it’s even lasted me these past few years. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Can you please give me some info about that. I’m not too sure about the admin thing but I wouldn’t have thought it would make a huge difference.

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Hi Sam and thanks for the questions and for your kind words: Offering a beautiful condition Tascam US in perfect working order with no issues. Thanks very much for clearing this up ; Now, finally. Of course, mixers with built-in sends and returns do allow for you to do this without any set-up, but I just thought that I would let you know that it is still possible with some interfaces.

I will try again after installing Sonar. With regards to routing audio through tasca compressor, you can still achieve this using interfaces, using software to send signals to certain interface outputs, through a compressor and then back into the interface. This post was posted in Blog entriesComputer MusicIn-Depth Tascam us – 1800Recording and was tagged with audiointerfacetascamusb tascam us – 1800.


If you are planning on buying one from abroad then I would recommend contacting Tascam to find out what power supply you need because using the wrong one will risk serious damage to your item and will invalidate warranty. Or would it be fine just to plug my laptop to the monitors? Hi Scott, glad you’ve decided to make the leap: I dont know if this has been tackled already but i just happened to be reading this Hi there I am considering buying the Tascam US for mic pre’s tascam us – 1800 record drums.


I would suggest contacting Line 6 directly on this one though click here as Tascam us – 1800 afraid that I’ve never used the UX8 and am not sure what the problem is. Absolute tag cloud ableton audio interface avid daw focusrite guitar interface ipad Korg microphone musikmesse namm 1800 Native Instruments Novation review tascaj se electronics synth tc tasscam.


I always select the AES option but I don’t think this affects quality or sound in anyway. However my kit is in my shed at the moment and the acoustics are quite bad.

When you say that you want a mixer with at least 16 channels to pair with it, are you just wanting to take the stereo output of the mixer into a stereo input of the US? I think that interfaces are advertised in terms of mono channels because lots of recordings take place in mono – think of recording a microphone or tascam us – 1800 direct guitar signal.

Does it have an adjustable latency in the settings? However, if you are after an interface that offers the most amount of inputs for the least amount of money, you should definitely at least consider the Tascam US ….

Tascam us – 1800 you’re going for a cheaper option then you’ll probably find that most mics within your budget are dynamic. Are you just using the mixer to increase the number of tracks that you can records through the USor 18000 you be using it for live work as well?

Joe, thanks for your quick reply. It tascam us – 1800 depends 100 how many mics you need though.


I’m an old dog and I don’t like th thought of of having to learn a “new trick”. Besides only being a single channel interface, my main problem with the current device is ks it lags hard when I try to run a full project through it. Are you comfortable with setting up audio interfaces in Cubase? It’s probably not going to be too tascam us – 1800 of a concern if you’re just adding one mixer to the signal path in a home studio, but I just thought that I would mention it anyway. Does it show tascam us – 1800 as a device in Cubase?


Is there anyway to work around this i wonder? I realized that my lag issue came from selecting the interface as my audio driver, which I did because I was unaware that you could select the device through the ASIO4ALL — panel. It sounds like the only way tascam us – 1800 to set the Tascam us – 1800 Clock Source to ‘external’ so that it can latch onto the clock sent out by the Lexicon.

I’ve finally decided to go for it! Hi Adrian, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. Sorry I couldn’t be tascam us – 1800 more help on this one. If you do find a solution from Line 6 then please feel free to report back and post your findings though: My projects typically have synthesizer instances usually Massive and FM8plenty of loops and tascam us – 1800, and I use FL Studio for my DAW My previous research indicates that the works fine for multi track recording within FL, please correct me if I am wrong